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Author Engagement

Typical Author Engagements

  • Media (Newspapers, TV, Magazines, etc.) – Want an interview? Sure thing! Something else? Bring it on! Here are a few example interview categories and subjects I can easily cover.

    I can speak about writing including: Becoming a Writer, Using Point of View, Getting Editing Right.

    I can speak on Self-Publishing: Book Production, Sales and Distribution, Marketing. And on my books – anything!

    I can also cover any of my experiences. Something else? Ask away, I can probably handle it!

  • Book Reviewers – If you are a book reviewer of Science Fiction and would like to subscribe to my Reviewers List just select Subscribe to my Book Reviewer List and we’ll add you on!

    As a Book Reviewer you will receive ARCs for each of my books as they become available (you receive your ARCs in the pre-release window of course).

  • Bookclubs – I strongly support bookclubs! I will provide book discounts and signed copies of my books, will engage in online discussions, email questions and sometimes even an in-person visit!

    If you are part of a bookclub and want to read any of my books, please contact me!

  • Libraries – I LOVE libraries, read over half of our small town’s middle school library as a kid!

    If you’re a Library, just let me know how I can help because I would love to do so!

  • Bookstores – Are you a bookstore specializing in Science Fiction (or for whatever reason you want to carry any of my books) just let me know how I can help!

    I may be able to provide you signed copies you can sell if that will be helpful.

  • Conferences – Got a SciFi or Writing conference and need a speaker? Look no further.

    I may be a newbie on the Science Fiction Author circuit but I’ve been a keynote business speaker for conferences all over the world because of how dynamic my presentations are, very heavy on audience involvement.

    Checkout these videos on my youtube channel!
    What is BPM?
    Customer Outcomes and the Success of Starbucks

  • Writer Classes – Yes, I will gladly give Writer’s Classes. As a Master Class Instructor I’ve delivered business classes globally.

    Besides being a Master Class Instructor I am also a Master Class Developer. Two of the business classes I developed are now digitized and available (for free) on I am available as a Writing Class Instructor for a variety of subjects (primarily writing, publishing, marketing), just ask!