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Cannabis Chronicles

  • Blue Dreams
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  • 2nd half 2019
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Star Child

Spread like a fan across the heavens, the Star Child’s invisible radiance bathed the Earth as she passed by the planet for the first time in over 300,000 years. On Earth, no one noticed. There were no instruments to detect the form of energy expressed by the Star Child, no basis for humans to know such a being as the Star Child could even exist. The energy did nothing to the people, or for that matter, to any of the animals on the planet. It did nothing to practically everything.

Yet in places all around the globe something did happen, something changed. Cannabis. The Star Child’s force transformed the plants by modifying the cannabinoids in them, the modifications carefully designed to initiate the next phase of the master plan for planet Earth.

Her work done here; the Star Child moved off into space to continue her evolutionary seeding mission.


My name is Miles, and I am plagued by demons. No, not the imaginary ones, these are all too real. You only think they are not, but you, my friend, are wrong. Or perhaps when you think of demons, you think of the biblical ones? Ha! Those are nothing! The real ones would eat your biblical demons for lunch. No, they are real and they are everywhere. They’ve been after me for a long time, but they won’t get me. No sir. I’ve got my go-to to protect me.

Why do they want me? I have no clue. I see them all the time, the damn things are everywhere, constantly poking and prodding at people, fouling up their moods and their lives. Not me, I see them but they don’t see me because of my go-to. I smoke weed.

I don’t know how or why it works but the weed makes me invisible to the demons, which is why I smoke it all the time. It’s one thing to live in a world with demons, it’s an entirely different scenario when they can see and attack you. I much prefer being stoned forever if I can avoid being attacked by demons, thank you very much.

The Dream Begins

The soft snap of the bud stalk in Miles fingers marked the drying Blue Dream as ready for smoking. Deftly plucking a modest-sized bud from the snapped branch, Miles collected the rest of his newly dried stash in a bag and headed out to the patio. Before long he was sitting back in his easy chair, puffing away on the bud he initially plucked, pulling a large hit of its intoxicating smoke out of his classic glass bong.

There were several strains crossed with Blue Dream Miles liked a lot, like Blue Hawaiian and Blue Panama. This was the first time he had grown pure Blue Dream. Now, as the first hit rolled out of his lungs in a cloud, the cannabinoids fired into his blood stream, kicking off the initial rush in his head even as he felt the familiar body tingle beginning to envelop him at its more sedate pace.

Miles smoked weed all day, every day. No one understood him or his weed use, and he wasn’t about to tell them. Oh, he made that mistake early on and had quickly learned nobody wants to hear about the demons they cannot see, hear, feel or touch that are attacking them. Yeah, that story went over like a lead balloon.