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Shadow Series

New Series for 2020!


Welcome to a world that has devolved into a fragmented, chaotic, ever-changing mix of affinities and associations operating within an AI contained environment.

Protected from harm by the AI network, the inhabitants of Earth in the 25th century are only able to express their aggressive, anti-social behaviors through one outlet – politics. Now the world is filled with political agencies, operatives, and dynasties seeking to control as many other people as possible within the system. Yet recently something odd has been happening.

It’s not obvious, not yet, but there are glimpses of something – from the corner of the eye you know? Seen but not seen? Shadows. Shadows of people. People who can do things, can be places, in shadows, suddenly, magically, instantly, any shadow, every shadow. And they know things, the shadows do.

Now though, oh my, now they are starting to do things…

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