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Why Medicare for All Matters

Everyone seems to be missing the point. Medicare for All will dramatically reduce the amount we (Americans) pay for health insurance, eliminate our risk exposure, and give us new freedoms we have long been denied. Its the biggest winning idea anyone in our federal government has come up with in decades.

Here’s the problem. Our private insurance costs way to much while still leaving us with huge risk. Its one of the crappiest systems on the planet, folks. We pay ridiculous sums of money for insurance that leaves us at risk of complete financial meltdown…

Does that make sense? Hell no it doesn’t.

We are not free, instead we are shackled to a broken system robbing us of our dignity, financial security, and our health. Let me show you.

The Real Story

(based on existing cost of Medicare)

Private Ins.
Employee Monthly cost =
$600 – $1000
$135 – $300
Employer Monthly cost =
$300 – $600
Deductible (per individual) =
$1500 – $5k
$0 – $1300
Copay =
10% – 30%
0% – 20%
Over Ins. Billing Allowed?

You can see from this, virtually every person in the middle class would save over $500 per month! And risk exposure is eliminated.

Risk Exposure

With Medicare, providers receive what Medicare allows for each service/product. Private insurance “negotiates” non-binding amounts for services. With private insurance if the provider bills for more than the insurance amount, you are responsible! (WTF?) Its a scam, plain and simple. A scam designed to gold-line the pockets of insurance companies while screwing the rest of us. Give me a break.

This practice is not allowed under Medicare. The most you will ever have to pay are copays and a deductible*.

*depending on the Medicare product you choose, there are low cost options to eliminate these costs as well. The rates shown here include those options and Medicare for All proposals from some presidential candidates eliminate these costs as well.

With Medicare you save over $500 per month, never receive a surprise bill again, have access to all medical providers nationwide.

When was the last time you saw a deal like that?

Individual Freedom

Consider the freedom Medicare for All would give to every American. Work for a company, as a contractor, your own business or consultancy, whatever mode of working works for you. Why can’t you do that now? Health Insurance. Millions of Americans work for companies just to have access to health insurance.

Medicare for All gives us the freedom to work as we wish!

What about Businesses?

As a business, can you imagine no longer being responsible for providing private health care insurance, playing the yearly shopping game, staffing HR to manage it, or struggling to determine what you can offer to remain competitive in the market?

Wouldn’t that be amazing? Darn tootin it would!

Medical Providers

Costs will also go down for medical providers. With only one system to deal with, insurance billing will be dramatically simplified. As it stands now, they have to deal many insurance companies who frequently change important aspects of the billing process making it even more difficult and costly to run their businesses. With Medicare for All this goes away, reducing medical providers costs and simplifying their practices.

Pointless Polls, Media Coverage and Politicians

Where’s the Media? One would think the media would be all over this, with insightful analysis and conclusions. Nope. Instead we get opinions and polls woefully off the mark, doing nothing but watering down the reality of Medicare for All.

Why hasn’t polling uncovered this? I mean, according to the “polls” everybody wants to keep their existing insurance, right?

WRONG. The pollsters are asking the wrong questions! If you are asked do you want to keep your existing health insurance, the majority of people will say yes. Its a stupid question (yes, Virginia, there are stupid questions!).

Why not ask a non-stupid question like:

Would you like access to all medical providers at less than one-third the cost you’re paying now with zero financial risk?

Can you imagine what the response to this question would look like? Hell yes!

People don’t like their insurance, they like the access they have to medical providers they trust. Well, Medicare for All will make all providers available, and at a much lower cost! Sign me up baby!

Even the politicians pushing Medicare for All don’t see the reality we live in. They know access to health care is all messed up, and that a lot of people are DYING or going BANKRUPT because of it. But they don’t give us substantive examples like I’ve given here because they are disconnected from our reality. Their privilege puts them too far away from the fire to feel the heat. They can see the flames and know something needs to be done, but they aren’t exposed to the reality burning us to the ground.

This is endemic across the board with politicians (for and against), media, and pollsters. They don’t feel the pain we feel because of their privilege, and they cannot report the facts (as I have) because they don’t have our experience. But the numbers here are real and the story here is real.

It comes from feet-on-the-street, baby. It doesn’t get any more real than that!


The only definite losers in this game are the insurance companies. Yes, insurance companies will no longer be able to sell standard health insurance products and that will affect their business, potentially reducing their employment numbers too. It won’t shutter businesses but it will force substantial change. However, its their own fault. They’ve not served us well, have taken no substantive steps to protect us from risk and improve our access to medical services, instead focusing on their profit over our health.

They’ve made their bed on our blood, sweat and tears. They had their chance, but chose to seek profit rather than health care improvement. They deserve no pity.

Where this Data comes From

The private insurance numbers are from my direct personal experience over the last 15 years. That’s right, the private insurance numbers come directly for documented personal experience. It is concrete facts. I paid every dime of the dollars in this comparison.

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